HMR-specialized JSM FOOD launches three premium powder products aimed at summer

[Reporter Goh Ryu, NBN]  [Reporter Goh Ryu, Seoul NBNTV] 

The cafe-based brand CAFÉ ESTRELLA of JSM FOOD (CEO Jung Seung-won), which specializes in HMR, has officially launched three new premium powder products.



The new product of CAFÉ ESTRELLA consists of three types that offer a cool and sweet taste for the summer: coconut milk, green melon, and cookie & cream.



Coconut milk is a product that gives a savory and sweet flavor of the rich coconut and soft cream. Green melon is a product that gives the cool and creamy texture of melon. Cookie and cream is a product offering the taste of Oreo cookies with a combination of crispy cookies, soft cream, and sweet chocolate as a drink. 



The Company also released a recipe to enjoy three new products, attracting many customers at cafes ahead of the hot summer. 



JSM FOOD is a dessert and HMR company that sells cafe-category powders such as yogurt, ade, latte, jelly, ice cream, and soup-premix products.


Details and the recipe on coconut milk, green melons, and cookie and cream products are available on the JSM FOOD website.  



Reporter Goh Ryu, 00:12:55 May 21, 2019
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