HMR, cafe materials, liquid beverages, functional foods, and other foods


Original Development & Design Manufacturing

ODM standing for Original Design Manufacturing is where a manufacturer designs, develops, manufactures, and ships goods under its quality control.


Original Equipment Manufacturing

standing for Original Equipment Manufacturing is where a manufacturer produces finished goods bearing the buyer’s brand. 

Based on differentiated know-how and its raw material DB, JSMFOOD supplies goods on an ODM basis. 

It provides the entire process from product planning to development, production, quality control, and shipment. 

The Company also supplies goods on an OEM basis through which it produces and delivers goods according to the client’s needs.


정심식품이 보유한 원료 D.B와

차별화된 KNOW-HOW를 바탕으로

상품 기획에서부터

개발, 생산, 품질관리 및 출고에 이르는

전 과정에 대한 서비스를 제공하는

ODM과 고객사 NEEDS에 따라

생산, 납품하는 OEM사업을

구축하고 있습니다.



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